Not-your-average Balloon Company.

Inflating your next celebration with confetti, color and creativity. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or want a “just because” pick me up, there are a variety of over-sized balloons, tassels and accessories for every occasion.


In order to differentiate Flourish from other balloon companies, we wanted to create a brand that was sleek and sophisticated. We selected a modern font, and paired it with a balloon icon that created a fun logo without being childish.



We directed two separate photoshoots for Flourish to capture their brand and showcase their products. The first was fun, whimsical and captured the happy-go-lucky feeling that balloons bring to any occasion. The second was more subdued, and showcased the beauty of balloons. The combination of the two shoots comes together to show how Flourish’s balloons can truly be used for anything and everything.


While we needed to come up with a site that was user-friendly and easy to navigate, we also wanted to capture the brand throughout it. The site is light and bright, and presents the products in an elegant way.